We at ensure / assist our right holders or potential clients with:

E: marketers@pjfca.co.za

  1. Marketing of species – Small Pelagic (Sardine & Anchovy), Tuna, Hake, Horse Mackerel, Seaweed, Lobster & Abalone on behalf of our clients (Right Holders) – to different buyers in the world.
  2. Ensure the best market related price.
  3. We ensure appropriate vessels for a certain marine specie.
  4. Do negotiation of prices between parties.
  5. Part of the industry to invest or Joint Venture.
  6. Legal assistance with marine experts.
  7. Skills training and Black Business investment can take place.
  8. Ensure commission is being paid as Finders Fee to agents.
  9. Workplace skills training for right holder employees to empower company.
  10. Ensure equity share and partnership for right holder for it’s allocate right.