Marine Services rendered

  1. Ships Agents: Recruiting skilled PDI for vessels. Especially in the Patagonian Toothfish sector.
  2. Joint Venture of right holders and vessel owners.
  3. Consortium to empower fishers and beneficiaries (5,400).


Management of rights in these sectors:

  1. Patagonian Toothfish
  2. West Coast Rock Lobster
  3. Abalone
  4. Hake
  5. Horse Mackeral
  6. Tuna (Southern Bluefin -, Bigeye -, Yellow tuna, Swordfish)
  7. Snoek
  8. Seaweed
  9. Small Pelagic (Anchovy and Sardine)

Fishing Levies payable per ton: As per Fish Levies in MLRA Act 1998.

Commercial Fishery Sector Species Type Levy rate per ton
Small Pelagic Pilchards R58.00
Anchovy R17.00
West Coast Rock Lobster R4,679.00
South Coast Rock Lobster Tails R8,682.00
Whole R3,906.00
Hake Kingklip R349.00
Sole R345.00
Horse Mackeral R19.00
Squid R427.00
Snoek R27.00
Inshore Trawl Hake R213.00
Sole R345.00
Horse Mackeral R19.00
Squid R427.00
Abalone Abalone R31,245.00
Tuna Pole Tuna R142.00
By – catch R111.00
Tuna Longline Southern Blue Fin R1,125.00
SA Vessels Big eye R375.00
Yellowfin R375.00
Swordfish R375.00
By – catch R142.00
Foreing Flag Southern Blue Fin R2,250.00
Big eye R750.00
Yellowfin R750.00
Swordfish R750.00
By – catch R284.00
Patagonian Toothfish R384.00
Hake Longline Hake R227.00
Kingklip R349.00
Squid Squid R427.00
Seaweed Kelp R118.00
Other seaweed species R259.00