Projects and Duties of the Charity Foundations

These projects are in place, being undertaken or in planning stage. Vision 2017 – 2027:

  1. Marine Education
  2. Conservation and Environmental education
  3. Fish Farm / Aqua culture farming
  4. Youth development
  5. Disability programs and empowerment
  6. Legal support to disadvantage communities especially fisheries
  7. Assist with Biosphere protection, preservation & maintenance (Fauna & Flora)
  8. Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF):
    • Education Assistance
    • Job creation projects
    • Transformation in Fisheries
    • Assistance to Marine Right Holders to achieve objectives as per DAFF fishing sector policy
  9. SBE & Economic Empowerment
  10. Holiday Programs
  11. Sport and recreation empowerment in communities
  12. Culture and Heritage promotions / empowerment in communities
  13. Assistance with bursaries
  14. Assistance with drug abuse
  15. Education Initiatives
  16. Brass & Music education
  17. Aids Awareness Project
  18. Urban Renewal: Beautification of open areas
  19. Organic and old traditional Farming
  20. Assistance to Indigenous leaders – Khoisan structure
  21. Assisting in building of houses as define by law
  22. Assisting with Palmiet camp, Kleinmond Harbour operations
  23. Empowerment of women
    • Advocacy work on rights and responsibilities of vulnerable groups
    • Preventative work with men and boys
    • Training and public education
    • Economic Empowerment Services
    • Legal support and advice
    • Family preservation programmes
  24. Donations & ECD empowerment
  25. Rural development
  26. Social cohesion and access to human and social capital.
  27. Improvement or development of economic infrastructure
  28. Community gardens
  29. Production / Marketing Stalls
  30. Sport & Culture assistance, donations, development
  31. Improvement or development of Social Infrastructure:
  32. Communal sanitation and ablution systems, showers, toilets, etc. for improved health.
  33. Sports and recreation facilities especially for women and youth development
  34. Rehabilitation and development of schools as Centres of Excellence
  35. ABET centres for capacity building and appropriate skills development
  36. Donations to other NPO’s or per need as defined by Board of Directors.
  37. Church restoration and assistance

Assistance with various stakeholders

  1. Club Development Programme (Sport Transformation)
  2. HIV/AIDS Awareness through Sport and Recreation
  3. Monitoring Transformation in Sport
  4. Sport Transformation: Strengthening Organs of Civil Society
  5. Development of Disabled Sport
  6. Development of Women in Sport
  7. Development and Support for NPOs and NGOs
  8. Institutional Capacity Building (ICB) Programme
  9. Genre Development Strategy (Music, Dance, drama)
  10. Indigenous Dance Development
  11. Indigenous Music Development
  12. Storytelling Development
  13. Craft Training and Development