1. Assisted and invested in a program to enable a person to obtain his skipper license for power-driven, category C <9m skipper license (SAMSA certificate number: 099541).
  2. Supplied funds to Kleinmond Primary for trophies to be used at their Graduation Ceremony in 2015.
  3. Sponsored local schools with chess sets.
  4. Assistance to Hangklip Kleinmond Sport & Culture to help establish their organisation and carries the costs of meeting halls since 2013 onwards.
  5. Assisted with and planned the Khoisan Festival / event in Kleinmond to encourage youth and communities to work together to establish social cohesion and ultimately community upliftment.
  6. Assisted with the Big Blues Music Festival in 2013, which was a community event.
  7. Established food security in Mountain View, Kleinmond with growing vegetable gardens.
  8. Assistance to Youth Dance group who performed at provincial level and hiring of hall in June 2015.
  9. Sponsor of the Sport against Crime event.
  10. Assisted Khoisan Traditional Leaders with projects to promote culture, arts, sport and sustainability.
  11. Sponsored breakfast for youngsters who took part in Mandela day by cleaning up the beach.
  12. Donated funds to KAWS (Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society) for Mandela day for use in marine projects.
  13. Assisted with the establishment of Middleton Food Security garden to ensure fish farms can be erected.
  14. Is giving assistance to the local community with a music learning program.
  15. Gave Christmas gifts to children in the Bambanani crèche.
  16. Assistance to the Overberg Sport Council event in Mount Pleasant December 2014.
  17. Assisted Rugby Sense (PTY) Ltd when they did talent scouting for all school children in Overberg area.
  18. Assists and nurtures talent in the local community who can apply for FRAP 2015 / 2016 and rights. This can lead to new right holders.
  19. Assisted fishermen / fisher-women with FRAP 2015 / 2016 at no charge to increase transformation in fish sector.
  20. Assisted youth, African, female to establish a NPC with sole objective being fish & fish sustainability.
  21. Increased transformation in fishing sector.
  22. Financial assistance toward burial cost.
  23. Financial assistance to students.
  24. Financial assistance to student towards studies, ensure food security & job creation.
  25. Assisting with project to ensure local slipway and harbour has been made safe for fishers.
  26. Being part of development team to redevelop harbour and ensuring benefits to local community.
  27. Educating and awareness of fruit and vegetables planting for Early Child Crèche’s (ECD).

Funds and time were invested into the following community projects in the Kleinmond area: