(Advisor for CCs, Organisations, Companies, NGO’s etc)

Major objectives:

To achieve the Organisations value chain objectives, particularly of deepening and fulfilment,
Effectively giving guidance, implementing the Organisations quality assurance policies and
providing support and guidance to encourage compliance with our quality assurance
requirements and to support best practice
Day-to-day management of the Organisation
Assisting with the effective operation of the disciplinary code and the guidelines on
professional ethics
Assisting in the preparation of papers for boards and committees
Maintaining good communications with all other teams to ensure a coordinated approach to
all quality assurance, conduct and compliance matters


Management of the conduct and compliance section
To support, guide and appraise
External verification report forms are accurately processed
Effective admin support is given for the investigation of disciplinary cases
General ethics enquiries are handled efficiently
To liaise with management and other and divisions on relevant issues

Disciplinary Process:

To assist in the preparation of cases for the consideration of the investigations team and
disciplinary tribunals as appropriate
To undertake the investigation of potential disciplinary cases
Investigations into alleged misconduct are conducted in a fair and timely manner in
accordance with the disciplinary regulations
To assist in ensuring that all investigations and disciplinary cases are processed within the
appropriate timeframes
To liaise with the Organisations legal advisor where appropriate
To assist in the preparation of the disciplinary case report for presentation by the Chairperson and to the Board / owner

External Verification:

To develop and implement systems and procedures for external verification which meets Organisation needs and support regulatory compliance, and encourage best practice
To recruit and implement relevant training for external verifiers when required
To advise and monitor external verifiers in relation to external verification
To support and direct QA section staff in implementing external verification


Ensure that all relevant details kept on Concept are up to date
Provide ethics advice to the beneficiaries and deal with ethics enquires as appropriate
Provide ethics presentations through the network or at workshops

Education and Training Support:

To assist, where possible, in effecting improvements which enhance the delivery of Organisation constitution vision and meet regulatory requirements


To prepare the budget in consultation with the Owner, Directors, Chairperson, Treasurer, Bookkeeper and Board to monitor the budget on a monthly basis, seeking efficiencies where possible

Corporate Social Responsibility:

To apply the principles of the CSR policy in your day-to-day role, particularly ‘reduce-reuse-
To save paper wherever possible
To reduce waste materials
To recycle where possible, for example paper, glass, toner cartridges etc.
To adhere to business practices responsibilities, such as high standards of
governance, raising employment standards for employees & consultants and forming trade
and community partnerships with appropriate organisations.


To provide support and assistance to other sections within the Organisation and/or
professional divisions as required
To work in such a way as to minimize the risks to information technology environment (that
is safety, security and confidentiality)
To have regard for own actions and those of others in the interest of safety
To undertake such other duties as may be reasonably required by the Board

Customer centricity:

To develop friendly, positive and supportive relationships with external and internal
customers, and to provide them with excellent service
Actively to learn from beneficiary feedback, comments and suggestions, including complaints,
to review and improve existing processes, and by doing so to anticipate other beneficiaries
To communicate this knowledge to relevant Stakeholders
To meet and exceed team’s customer service standards
To understand situations from the beneficiaries perspective so that appropriate and relevant
solutions can be identified.