. MISTRA – Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection
• Research Assistant: Poverty, Inequality and Patronage (MISTRA)
• MISTRA facilitator

2. Arabella Phase 2
– Role is Trust Compliance and Secretary

– Assistance with application to get approval from Overstrand Municipality and Western Cape Province. Project value – R1,5Billion

As trustee I was responsible for the following:
– Create Sport & Culture Programs in Kleinmond, Botriver, Hawston, Mount Pleasant & Zwehile for Arabella Community Trust
– Assist with establishing these federations and kick start projects
– Social assessments studies for these above mentioned areas as well as
– Phase planning for this program
– Assist Overberg Sport Council with establishment of soccer league <11, <15 & <19.

3. ABET:
– Creation of ABET program in area (160 Xhosa & 85 Afrikaans – enrolled in 1st week)

4. Draw up projects with output sources for national and international market. As result,
– Assist Western Cape Provincial Social Department (Dir: Community
Development) with proposal (Bill) for youth grant applications – 2010

5. Draw up plans for the following:
– Phase planning for developers and stake holders on local caravan park: Drawings,
Rebuild, community development projects, skills transfers, creation of highly
lucrative hub with this park as Tourism hub

– A national & international youth development skills academy in Western Cape area:
1. Hospitality & Tourism (Tour guides, waiters, caddies, resort management, etc)
2. Environmental & Conservation Services (Rangers, conservation & environmental
management, horticulture, etc)
3. Emergency Services (Firefighting, Rescue (mountain, etc), Life Saving, Safety
officers, etc)
4. Maritime services
5. Marine protection services
6. Youth Enterprise Development & Exit Opportunities (Internships – Co-operatives:

6. Harbour Development:
A R850M project
– Ensuring huge benefits to the local community.
– Negotiate Unlock project/deal with developer and investor (resulting in huge benefits for the community)
– Position: Project Manager, including admin & finance functions
– Oversee skills training – SETA: Job Fund & NSF
– Working with National, Provincial & Local Government
– Working with International Companies
– Negotiate grant / donor funding from National, Provincial & International funders
– Acquire EPWP, Job Creation & Skills Development funds
– Oversee project on behalf of owner
– Attending to/resolve community problems
– Review administrative budgets and processes
– Oversee projects, ensuring outcome is reached
– Administration sale of units and project

6. Kleinmond Low Cost Housing RDP Project:
A R90 Million rand project
– Ensuring huge benefits to the local community.
– Negotiate Unlock project/deal with developer and investor
– Coordination between business, community leaders, sub-contractors, provincial housing department and local government on low-cost housing
– EPWP for MIG funding
– Attend professional and site meetings
– Assist University Students with thesis in Housing developments
– Greening of Areas
– Mobilise and assist local community
– Attend to/resolve disputes and labour issues
– Co-ordinate and facilitate programs
– Prepare monthly reports
– Conflict management
– Co-ordinate and facilitate Low Cost Housing-project:
o Attend community meetings with beneficiaries
o Monthly reporting
o Assist Beneficiaries with Province & Local Government
o Liaise with builders, developers, local government, provincial government, subcontractors, community leaders and investors
o Assist & draw up with Educational Consumer Programs
o Planning strategic homeownership enrolment
o Mentor & facilitate newly established community body
– Conduct & monitor effective capacity building programs

8. SEDA Mentor:
– Mentor in Western Cape as business advisor

– Specialize area, youth services. Youth development.
– Specialize area, coast / water services.
– Western Cape government development parameters – knowledge
– Facilitate projects
– Facilitate community bodies
– Internal / External Facilitator
– Negotiate project / program between parties
– Talks with High Officials on planned future developments
– Community development
– Community upliftment
– Community advisor: Legal & labour aid and etc
– Establish, create & identify projects
– Recordkeeping of funds and capital spent
– Administrative support to donors
– Manage and allocate fund donations to projects
– Skills development planning and facilitation
– Database research for various projects
– Assisting individuals to become compliant in the workforce
– Assisting individuals to become legal business owners
– Submit monthly reports to relevant government departments
– Implementations of procedures
– Responsible for fundraising (events)
– Manage relations with clients
– Explore all possible income generation opportunities for project
– Identify/implement cost-effective ways of service delivery
– Draw-up Tenders as per SCM
– Compile business plans
– Managing communities