For your Construction, Project Management and Professional Solutions

Our main Focus and Duties are

  1.    Construction of dwellings
  2. Execution of work on site with sub-contractors according to plans, specs and regulations.
  3. Managing budget for site.
  4. Managing the safety and HSE plan for the site
  5. Co-ordinate and balance the equipment per schedule.
  6. Managing sub-contractors: balance the sub’s manpower and equipment as per work plan.
  7. Managing QA & QC file for site.
  8. Liaise with architects, engineers and client.
  9. Control labour and and all relevant legal requirements pertaining to labour.
  10. Control security on site.
  11. Liaise daily with foremen to control their progress and deal with any problems.
  12. Control the Clark of works receiving the materials & plant.
  13. Identify all needs on and around site – labour, materials, services, environmental protection, servitudes and how to manage them, visits to site, general public, etc.
  14.   Security of industrial or public sites
  15.   Cleaning of industrial or public sites
  16.   Project Management of allocated work


Structures & Bridges

  • Design and construction supervision of residential and commercial buildings
  • Design and construction supervision of roads and bridge projects
  • Design and construction supervision of Public Infrastructure such as schools and hospitals and clinics


  • Design and Construction supervision of water municipal water supply systems
  • Design and construction supervision of water and waste-water treatment facilities
  • Design and Construction Supervision of urban and rural water and sewerage reticulation systems
  • Development of waste management plans
  • Development of operations and maintenance policies and procedures for water services schemes (water and waste-water schemes)
  • Development of water demand management and water conservation management policies and procedures
  • Development of management procedures and organisation policies
  • Development of performance management systems
  • Provision of Technical Assistance to Clients officials in the execution of their duties


  • Design and Construction Supervision of Roads and Bridges
  • Design and Construction Supervision of township roads and stormwater drainage
  • Development and monitoring of infrastructure management systems;
  • Road maintenance management


  • Theewaterskloof Municipality
  • Greyton Retirement Village
  • Cape Agulhas Municipality
  • Northern Cape Area
  • Western Cape Provincial Area
  • KZN / Natal Provincial Area
  • Eastern Cape Province area
  • Newcastle
  • Caledon Casino
  • Penviro CC
  • WDK

Previous Projects

Western Cape Province – Caledon Casino

POSITION: Site Supervisor     |     COMPANY: CONCOR     |     VALUE: R90 million

Western Cape Province – Greyton Retirement Village

12 Security Villages, Mekor Honda, Cape Town
POSITION: Site Manager     |     COMPANY: CAPE DEVCO     |     VALUE: R15-60 million

Western Cape Province – The Decks

POSITION: Site Supervisor    |     COMPANY: CONCOR (Western Cape)    |     VALUE: R90 million

Western Cape Province – The Icon

POSITION: Concrete Engineer / Site Supervisor    |     COMPANY: WBHO    |     VALUE: R390 million

Western Cape – TWK Municipal Roads and Maintenance

WCCC – Civil (roads) & Building / Cape Agulhas Municipal – Roads
Reconstruction of N2 between Caledon and Riviersonderend (main contractor – Basil Read)
Wellness Centre – Private Hospital
VALUE: R10-30 million / R40 million Basil Read

Various Projects for Construction Solutions

New entrance for Engen Depot – Durban
Modifications and alterations to NAMPAK Tissue – Johannesburg
New machine bases for NAMPAK Tissue – Pretoria
New fly-ash Silo for NPC – Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal
New Kilns – Idwala Mine, Northern Cape (current)
VALUE: R10-65 million